Employment at RGH

Interested in applying? Download the application form here. Please send your resume and application to hr@MyRGH.org or call 575.356.3401 for more information.

Current Openings

Chief Quality Officer - Administration

Chief Clinic Officer - Administration ** NEW **

Ambassador (2 full-time and 1 part-time position) - Business Office

Financial Counselor - Business Office

LPN/EMT-I/EMT-P - Clinic

Medical Assistant (FT) - Clinic

LPN/RN - Clinic

ED Tech (EMT-1) - Emergency Department

Nutritional Service Worker - Food Hospitality & Nutrition

Clinical Informatics Analyst - Information Technology

IT Tech - Information Technology

Central Supply Clerk - Materials Management

Director of Medical Records - Medical Records ** NEW **

LPN or RN - Melrose Clinic

Certified Nurse Assistant - Nursing Services

Registered Nurse (2 full-time positions) - Nursing Services

Maintenance Tech - Plant Operations

Clinical Director (FT grant-funded position) - SANE

PRN Positions

(Temporary on-call as needed)

​EMT - Clinic

LPN - Clinic

Clinic Ambassador - Clinic

RGH Ambassador - Business Office

Respiratory Therapist - Cardiopulmonary

Registered Nurse - Emergency Department

Nutritional Service Ambassador - Food Hospitality and Nutrition

​Phlebotomist - Laboratory

Radiology Tech - Medical Imaging

Certified Nurse Assistant - Medical Surgical

Registered Nurse - Medical Surgical