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We have decided to only come to RGH and drive 45 minutes to get here because the care is so good. Thank you for your prompt care!

Department: ER

My experience with Karen was most pleasant. The first mammogram I had eight years ago was painful, but this one was not. I'm not afraid to come back!

Department: Karen - Medical Imaging

They were so kind and gave my child coloring pages and highlighters while we waited for another family member to be seen. They were angels! Thank you both for caring!

Department: Teresa and Alicia

Erica is very knowledgeable about her hob and explained everything very well. She cleared up confusion. She should be commended on her excellent job as a nurse!

Department: Erica - Nursing Services

They were both very good nurses. They listened to everything and explained everything, and came and checked on us regularly. I was very satisfied with their work - thank you very much!

Department: Erica & Danielle - Nursing Services

Awesome job on the IV!

Department: Joe - Medical Imaging

Everyone treated me so good during my exam and tests.

Department: Dr. Roberts, Clinic and Hospital Staff

She was kind, sweet, knowledgeable, fast, approachable and a lovely lady.

Department: Lauren - Medical Imaging

We were seen immediately without a problem. They were very fast with the tests and it was a really good experience.

Department: ER

She was kind and kept us informed of what was going kind, kind, kind! She is truly compassionate and friendly!

Department: Jenny - ER
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