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RGH Children's Alliance

Specializing in child advocacy and trauma focused support for families throughout Eastern New Mexico.


Children’s Advocacy Centers, such as RGH Children's Alliance, are child-friendly facilities where children and families impacted by abuse can get the help they need to begin the process of healing in a warm, non-threatening environment designed especially for children and adolescents.

Raising children is not easy. It can bring enormous joy and it can also feel like an incredible challenge. Community providers offer services to help families acquire the tools, skills and support needed to nurture and raise children in a safe and secure environment.


A child will generally have one one forensic interview. However, in certain circumstances an extended forensic interview may be scheduled. An extended forensic interview is conducted over multiple sessions and may be helpful when there are special developmental considerations such as when a child is especially anxious, or the case is complex.

A forensic interview is a recorded conversation between a highly trained interviewer who will talk one-one-one with the child by asking non-leading questions, as well as, age and developmentally appropriate questions. Interviews are conducted in a way to ensure information is gathered while keeping the child safe, but also allowing for a thorough investigation.

A forensic interview is an opportunity for a child to talk about difficult things that may have happened to them or that they may have witnessed. In order to create a safe, judgment-free space, only people necessary to the law enforcement investigation may watch the interview.

While a forensic interview might seem like a casual conversation, the interviewer must follow specific guidelines. Other people in the interview room can easily compromise the integrity of the interview process or discredit the criminal investigation.

The Forensic Interviewer will not discuss the interview with family or guardian following the interview. However, there are advocates and mental health professionals available to help address any concerns.

After the forensic interview, someone from the advocate team will be in contact with the family or guardian to discuss any services or referrals that may be needed.


Community-Based Prevention, Intervention, and Reunification (CBPIR) program provides services for families that have children who are safe but high risk or safe with a plan; families at risk of future abuse or neglect who may self-refer; or families at risk of future abuse or neglect who are referred by community partners.

Services available through the CBPIR program at RGH Children's Alliance are voluntary, occur in the family home, work around your family's schedule, help families access tools, support and services to create a safe and secure home environment, and work together to create goals with family members.

We must protect families, we must protect children, who have inalienable rights and should be loved, should be taken care of physically and mentally, and should not be brought into the world only to suffer. -Indira Gandhi


Advocacy services are available for any community member. Adults can use the center for themselves, or on behalf of another person. Services include one-on-one support via phone or in-person, help with finding financial resources, help with mental health resources and referrals, and more. Advocacy services are based on your specific needs, and this includes working with an advocate or having the advocate help find the appropriate resources you need. If you are experiencing a traumatic event presently or in the past and are ready to reach out for help, we can offer assistance. If you are in need of essential resources, an advocate is available to help. Simply, call our office and speak with an advocate.

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