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TIF Procedure for Chronic Acid Reflux and Heartburn

The TIF Procedure

The TIF procedure rebuilds the antireflux valve at the gastroesophageal junction, naturally stopping food and liquids from moving back up the esophagus once ingested. The procedure is performed orally, which means no incisions are made. TIF treats the issues that cause GERD as opposed to solely treating the symptoms, which means you can live symptom free and reclaim your health.

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Brochure: TIF Procedure for Acid Reflux (English)

Brochure: TIF Procedure for Acid Reflux (Spanish)

The TIF Patient Journey

The path to a reflux-free life begins when you decide that managing your symptoms is not solving the problem. Typically, people will attempt to first control the symptoms with diet and lifestyle changes. When that ceases to have an affect on symptoms, your doctor will suggest PPIs.

Since you can’t cure reflux with either of those steps, people often choose to have their valve restored to its original effectiveness with the TIF procedure.

Before your TIF Procedure

Before your TIF Procedure

Your physician will fully prepare you for your procedure day and beyond during your consultation. A little planning goes a long way, so do arrange for transportation home after the procedure and have meals ready to go that adhere to the diet provided by your physician.

Given that your physician will be working in your esophagus and stomach, you will need to be sure your stomach is empty of food and medicines by fasting for several hours before your procedure.

During your TIF Procedure

During your TIF Procedure

While you are under anesthesia, your physician will access the stomach through your mouth using a flexible, camera-equipped, single use device. The device enables your physician to gently pull the esophagus down and wrap the top of the stomach partially around the esophagus, all without a single incision.

Plastic fasteners are used to hold the tissue in place. Your body will heal around these fasteners. If you have a small hiatal hernia, this will also be fixed as part of the procedure.

After your TIF Procedure

After your TIF Procedure

Every person is unique, and TIF trained physicians understand this, so expect your doctor to give you specific instructions about post-procedure care based on your personal situation. You can count on needing to follow a diet that gradually moves from liquids to solids while your restored valve heals. This can take four to six weeks, depending on each individual.

Just remember during this time that you are in the homestretch!

As long as your job doesn’t involve a lot of physical exertion, you may return to work a few days after the procedure. It’s important that you not lift heavy items or do any strenuous physical exercise until your physician sees you for a post follow-up exam.

Because the procedure is gentler on the body than other traditional laparoscopic procedures, there is less discomfort, but you may experience some minor soreness in your throat, chest, and shoulder area, which will dissipate over a few days.

The Benefits of TIF

Reduced heartburn symptoms.

Improved quality of sleep.

Improved quality of life.

Reduced sore throat and chronic coughing.

Reduced non-acidic symptoms such as GERD caused asthma.