Laboratory FAQs

  • Do I have to be fasting?

    That depends on what your healthcare provider indicates. Most lab tests can be performed either fasting or non-fasting. We will ask you if you are fasting and indicate this on your report so your provider can evaluate your results based upon your fasting results.

  • Can I take my medications if I am having fasting labs drawn?

    Fasting for the Laboratory is different from fasting for other departments. For the Laboratory fasting means NO FOOD for 9-12 hours and only water to drink. Drinking water will keep you from being dehydrated and make your veins easier to locate. You may take your medications unless your healthcare provider has instructed you otherwise.

  • How does my doctor get my results?

    All lab results are faxed automatically to the ordering provider by our computer system upon completion. If you have orders from multiple doctors, they will get results of the ordered tests.

  • Can you send my results to the other healthcare providers I see?

    The Laboratory can only send your results to the ordering providers. Your other providers can contact our Medical Records Department for any test results that have been performed in our facility.

  • Can I call for my results?

    The Laboratory cannot give out any results over the phone due to privacy issues. You can obtain a paper copy of your results Monday through Friday in our Medical Records Department. You will need to bring a photo ID for identification purposes.

  • I have picked up a copy of my results and it indicates I have test results outside the normal range. What should I do?

    Results outside the normal or "reference" range signals further investigation may be needed. Your healthcare provider will be the one to discuss what each test means and what the next course of action should be. If a lab result is critical, the laboratory will promptly notify your provider.

  • I have a lab order from a healthcare provider other than an RGH provider. Can I still have my labs performed at your lab?

    It is the right of every patient to have their lab work done at the facility of their choice. We want and would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

  • My healthcare provider has told me I need to have lab work. Do I go directly to the lab?

    During regular business hours, you will need to bring your lab orders with you and stop by the Front Registration window. If you arrive after business hours, you will need to go to the Emergency Room Public Entrance as the ER Clerk will help you complete the registration process prior to going to the lab. Once the registration process is complete, you will then bring your paperwork and orders to the Laboratory. From the Front Registration, turn left at the first hallway and the Laboratory is the second door on the left. Come in and sign in, give your paperwork to the Phlebotomist and have a seat in our waiting room. We will call you back in the lab shortly.

  • What is my average wait time?

    We offer one of the shortest wait times in the area. On average, your wait time should be 10 minutes or less once you've signed in.

  • Why do I sometimes have to wait when there is no one else signed in ahead of me?

    Our Phlebotomists provide care to Laboratory patients, and also to our Emergency Department and Hospitalized patients. Sometimes they are providing patient care in these other areas or on the phone with healthcare providers.

  • When should I expect my results?

    Your healthcare provider should receive the results of most tests we run in the Laboratory within 24 hours. However, some tests may require a longer period of time due to the type of test ordered or the need to send the test to a Contracted Reference Laboratory.

  • If I cannot collect a urine or stool sample while I am at the Laboratory, what should I do?

    Many times a urine (especially a 24-hour urine) or stool specimen cannot be collected at the time block work is drawn. The Laboratory can provide you with the appropriate container and collection instructions and you can bring the specimen back. If you bring the specimen back the same day, you do not need to register, simply bring the specimen directly to the Laboratory. If you bring the specimen back the next day or later, you will need to re-register and then bring the specimen to the Laboratory.