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Medical Records

Roosevelt General Hospital (RGH) opened at this site in August of 2001. The Medical Records Department holds all medical documentation that occurs at this facility. Records of any admission, emergency room visit, day surgery, X-ray, lab, EKG, etc., are located in Medical Records. Per New Mexico State Law, hospitals must retain all records that relate directly to the care and treatment of a patient for 10 years following the patient's last discharge.

Patients can obtain a copy of their current records from our facility by completing a Release of Information form with an attached copy of their valid picture ID. Once the form is complete the patient can either bring the form to Medical Records or fax the form along with a copy of their picture ID to 575.356.7116.

For individuals that are trying to obtain their birth certificate and were born in New Mexico, they can contact the New Mexico Department of Health in Santa Fe.

Is a Medical Power of Attorney the right option for you?

A Medical Power of Attorney appoints an individual(s) to make medical decisions about your healthcare. A few reasons to have a Medical Power of Attorney are:

  • A rapid decline in health.
  • Unable to pick up your own records.
  • Religious choices
  • To give instructions about your own healthcare

Click here to download an Advanced Directive for Healthcare form.

Needing records from the old RGH that closed in 1998?

For additional information or any questions, please call the Medical Records Department at 575.359.1800, ext. 419.