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Community Hospital Offers Drive-Thru Flu Shots to Residents

PORTALES, NM, September 21, 2020 – Roosevelt General Hospital (RGH) and Clinics is offering “curbside” flu shots this year, due to on-going pandemic. On Saturday, October 17, RGH Clinic will host a Drive-Thru Flu Shot event. Local community members wishing to get a flu shot are able to drive to the hospital parking lot and a medical professional will administer the influenza vaccine. There is no cost for the flu vaccination. The three-hour event will begin at 8 a.m. As with most years, the flu vaccinations are limited, therefore flu shots are available until supplies are depleted.

“This year we needed to plan a different way to get our community vaccinated since we are not able to host the annual health fair where we would normally provide flu shots,” stated Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Jeanette Orrantia. About 200 flu vaccinations were given out to adults at last year’s health fair, and 75 to children. The hospital normally hosts two annual health fairs, one in the spring where the focus is on blood draws and the other in the fall were emphasis is placed on fighting the flu.

Even though it’s important for everyone to receive a flu vaccine, RGH is only able to administer adult vaccinations at the drive-thru event. Parents are highly encouraged to schedule a well-child exam with their provider in order to receive the flu vaccine. The CDC recommends children begin getting flu shots at the age of six months by the end of October each year.

“Our flu season begins next month, and we will be facing it in the midst of a pandemic,” stated Kaye Green, Chief Executive Officer. “It’s always important to get vaccinated against the flu, but this year it will be even more vital. Getting the flu shot keeps you and your family from needing medical attention and helps to conserve healthcare resources to those who are in urgent need.”

The nasal spray flu vaccine and the Fluzone high-dose flu vaccine are not available at the drive-thru event. Consult your provider if you have concerns about receiving the flu vaccine.