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Roosevelt General Hospital Offers Sleep Ring to Diagnose Sleep Issues
Sleep ring fits comfortably on your finger while you sleep.

Roosevelt General Hospital Offers Sleep Ring to Diagnose Sleep Issues

PORTALES, NM October 10, 2023 - Roosevelt General Hospital recently added a new service which can really increase your sleep quality and help identify treatment of sleep disparities. The sleep ring is a small device that is worn on the finger while sleeping. While sleep studies have been around for some time, the sleep ring is unique in that it can be done overnight in the comfort of your bed at home.

If you find yourself waking up tired, with a headache, or dry mouth, you could be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea. This most often occurs when your breathing is interrupted during your sleep. As you sleep, your muscles tend to relax which includes the muscles in your chest and throat that help you breathe. Sleep apnea can occur when the relaxation of muscles combined with a narrowed airway interrupt your breathing.

The sleep ring is an easy and cost-effective way to understand whether you are having trouble breathing. The sleep results track your breathing, oxygen levels, and effort of breathing while you sleep. This type of sleep study is best if you are experiencing snoring or gasping while sleeping, or you have disrupted sleep, and feel tired during the day.

“Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder which can drastically decrease sleep quality and potentially lead to other health issues. It’s very important to address sleep apnea and get a diagnosis so our patients can begin proper treatment. We are eager to offer this new service to our community,” reported Kaye Green, chief executive officer at Roosevelt General Hospital.

After test results are collected, the findings are sent to a board-certified sleep medicine provider that interprets the results and works along with your physician to determine the best treatment. Not all sleep disorders are signaled by breathing trouble. Other common sleep issues include movement disorders that cause nighttime restlessness, too.

Alex Wynn, cardio-pulmonary director reported that patients who experience heavy snoring, daytime sleepiness, or don’t sleep well in general are great candidates for the at-home sleep study test. “Those tend to be the most complaints we hear from patients with sleep disorders,” said Wynn.

Not only is the sleep ring easily done in the comfort of your own home, it is also less expensive than a sleep study conducted in a clinic. The cost of an at-home sleep study is a third to a fifth of the cost of an in-lab study. An at-home study, such as the sleep ring, is often covered by insurance.

“It’s a worthwhile test that can vastly improve quality of life for our patients. An overnight study, such as this one, can rule out sleep disorders or identify them to ensure your best personal health” stated director of marketing and public relations, Jeanette Orrantia.

The at-home sleep study ring study is available at Roosevelt General Hospital by simply making an appointment with your primary care provider and obtaining a referral.